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Quaestio facti 4, 2023

Quaestio facti 3, 2022

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Author: Diego Dei Vecchi & Jordi Ferrer Beltrán


Fundamental Rights, Judicial Discretion and Criminal Process: How the Regulation of Rights Affects the Achievement of the Procedure Goals

Author: Pablo Larsen

Philosophy of Mind and proof of mental facts

Author: Daniel González Lagier

Epistemic Justification, Robust Evidentialism, Legal Proof

Author: Edgar Ramón Aguilera García

Evidence, Standards and Burdens of Proof in the European Asylum System: A New Field for Evidence Scholars?

Author: Elena Marchese

"Let Me Cross the Wind With Documents": Proposals for Rethinking Documents Used as Evidence

Author: Vitor de Paula Ramos

The distinction between proof and preparatory access to information in civil procedure

Author: Thomas Franz Vogt Geisse

Evidential Powers of Amparo Judges. A guarantor of the epistemic correctness of the facts

Author: Verónica Lorena Osornio Plata

On the effectiveness of the Istanbul and Minnesota protocols in the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Author: Maria Elena Lumiento

Conjectures and Refutations

Naturalized Epistemology and the Law of Evidence: a Reply to Pardo, Spellman, Muffato, and Enoch

Author: Ronald Allen

PCAST's Report: Forensic Science in Criminal Courts

Report to the President. Forensic Science in Criminal Courts: Ensuring Scientific Validity of Feature-Comparison Methods

Author: PCAST

Science for Legal Proceedings

(Un-)Interpretability in Expert Evidence: An Inquiry into the Frontiers of Evidential Assessment

Author: Alex Biedermann & Kyriakos N. Kotsoglou

Iuris prudentia

The proof of intentional discrimination in Argentina’s Supreme Court jurisprudence. How to improve its regulation?

Author: Alejo Joaquín Giles, Olivia Minatta

Quaestio facti 2, 2021

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Michele Taruffo, in memoriam / La torre de Babel (castellano)

Author: Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, Michele Taruffo

Michele Taruffo, in memoriam / The Tower of Babel (english)

Author: Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, Michele Taruffo

Michele Taruffo, in memoriam / La torre di Babele (italiano)

Author: Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, Michele Taruffo

Michele Taruffo, in memoriam / A torre de Babel (português)

Author: Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, Michele Taruffo


A Critical Method for the Evaluation of Evidence: François Gorphe’s (1889-1959) Contribution to a Science of Proof à la française

Author: Olivier Leclerc

Behavioral Predictability and Criminal Proceedings : Some Notes on the Epistemic Foundation of Future Events in Precautionary Measures

Author: Jeffry José Mora Sánchez

Evidence Assessment and Standards of Proof: a Messy Issue

Author: Giovanni Tuzet

Rethinking «Maxims of Experience»

Author: Alan Limardo

Deciding About Facts in Trial Avoiding Mechanisms

Author: Diana Veleda

The Relationship Between the Criminal Justice System Practices and the Determination of the Standard of Proof

Author: Santiago Eyherabide

A privacidade digital posta à prova no processo penal

Author: Paulo Manuel Mello de Sousa Mendes

Conjectures and Refutations

Naturalized Epistemology and the Law of Evidence Revisited

Author: Ronald Allen

How to Theorize About Statistical Evidence (and Really, about Everything Else): A Comment on Allen

Author: David Enoch

Naturalized Epistemology and the Law of Evidence: Methodological Reflections

Author: Michael S. Pardo

Strong, Weak, or Apparent Naturalization? Relative Plausibility Theory and Conceptual Analysis

Author: Nicola Muffato

In Defense of Weird Hypotheticals

Author: Barbara A. Spellman

Single Victim's Testimony and Gender Perspective in the Criminal Procedure (2). Response to Refutations (of Quaestio facti, 1 2020)

Author: José Luis Ramírez Ortíz

Science for Legal Proceedings

Contributions of Psychology Beyond the Expert Evidence

Author: Carmen Herrero

Iuris prudentia

Should We Prove Hate? Some Comments on Diana Sacayán's Case

Author: María Laura Manrique

Quaestio facti 1, 2020

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Judging Expert Testimony: From Verbal Formalism to Practical Advice

Author: Susan Haack

Testigos no disponibles y confrontación: fundamentos epistémicos y no epistémicos

Author: Pablo Rovatti

Quaestio facti e Quaestio iuris

Author: Giulio Ubertis

En materia de prueba: sobre algunos cuestionables tópicos jurisprudenciales

Author: Perfecto Andrés Ibáñez

La etapa de preparación del juicio oral y su rol en el control de la admisibilidad probatoria en Chile

Author: Mauricio Duce

Scientific Questions of Fact Between Free Evaluation of Evidence and Proof Beyond any Reasonable Doubt in the Criminal Trial

Author: Gaetano Carlizzi

La prueba ilícita ante la bifurcación del tribunal penal

Author: Juan Pablo Aristegui Spikin

Conjectures and Refutations

El testimonio único de la víctima en el proceso penal desde la perspectiva de género

Author: José Luis Ramírez Ortiz

Notas sobre el testimonio único en casos de violencia de género

Author: Federico José Arena

Garanzia del contraddittorio e testimonianza della sola vittima

Author: Roberta Casiraghi

La perspectiva de género en el proceso penal

Author: Olga Fuentes Soriano

Prueba y perspectiva de género. Un comentario crítico

Author: Raymundo Gama

Science for Legal Proceedings

Cuando el derecho es poco fiable. Respuestas jurídicas a la prueba de huellas dactilares latentes

Author: Gary Edmond

Iuris prudentia

Sobre el deber de motivación de las decisiones probatorias y el juicio por jurados. La sentencia V.R.P., V.P.C. y otros vs. Nicaragua de la CIDH

Author: Jordi Ferrer Beltrán