ISSN: 2604-6202

The Journal


International Journal on Evidential Legal Reasoning

Quaestio facti is an international journal whose aim is to host and disseminate an analysis of the problems posed by evidential reasoning when it is used to adjudicate a legal dispute, not only within the context of a judicial process, but also within the wide range of administrative proceedings where the relevant law must be applied.

The journal

As does legal evidential reasoning, Quaestio facti aspires to position itself within the boundaries of various disciplines, such as procedural law, legal epistemology, the international law of human rights, forensic sciences, as well as between the cultural ambits of the Common Law and the Civil Law traditions.

What Quaestio facti is not: from the outset, it is important to emphasise that it is not a journal centred around the evidence law of one country or another. This is why we only publish original works that touch upon general problems related to legal evidential reasoning. These problems must exceed the scope of a mere discussion of interpretation issues or relevant judicial decisions regarding some evidence, statute or regulation or other.

The journal is published electronically and in Open Access. The journal is edited by the Catedra de Cultura Jurídica of Girona University and Marcial Pons, legal and social editions. Quaestio facti publishes biannually and only considers original works in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, which are selected through a blind peer review process.


The “General Section” will contain 8 to 10 articles per issue.
The “Conjectures and Refutations” Section, presenting an article and 4 to 5 critical reactions to it.
The “Iuris Prudentia” Section reviewing judicial cases, where some aspect of evidentiary reasoning is discussed.
The “Science for Legal Proceedings” Section, introducing new scientific developments relevant to legal fact-finding.